Data Mining

Data is meaningless without an appropriate layer of data science. In order to leverage complex and heterogeneous data, Kyomed has expert staff that are able to understand, handle, analyze and structure data with a strong focus on medical issues. The Kyomed data-mining platform revolves around 4 sections of service offers.

Biomathematics & Biostatics 

The field of mathematics & statistics applied to human health is one of the strong Kyomed expertise. For each project, we develop and implement an analytical methodology appropriate to the needs. Our support in mathematical modelling and statistical analysis combines precision and quality to converge finally to the relevant information to enable better decision making.


Biomarkers discovery also refers to genomic data management. Our bioinformatics offer deals with bioinformatics analysis and programs for gene expression analysis, for sequencing data analysis and more widely for Omic big data treatment.

Development of human health databases 

The integration of environmental, social, clinical and biological data requires the development of human health databases. Kyomed proposes secure and evaluative databases development with high quality and reliability levels.

development of clinical decision support tool 

Through dedicated tools, Kyomed proposes health players to return relevant decision-aid indicators issued from a previous data-mining step. This service tends to set objectives, facilitate and accelerate the decision making and the care of patients.

You are Project leader

You are project manager

Health innovation and personalized medicine are our expertise. We may help you to accelerate the development of biomarkers, connected medical devices or digital healthcare solutions by bringing the right expertise at the right time.

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You are volonteer

You are volonteer

You are a citizen, a patient, a care provider, or a healthcare professional, and you wish to reshape with us the future of healthcare? Kyomed welcomes and value you as full partner in the health innovation process. Learn more about us and join our community.

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